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At Hunter Women of Note Chorus, we love to sing and entertain in a supportive, fun atmosphere. An important part of that is the performance art of barbershop singing - glittering costumes and beautiful four-part harmony music.

At our recent show "Four Parts, One Heart" performed at The Grainery, we hosted the Novatones, an all male chorus and Coastal a Cappella, another all female chorus. There were also performances by 3 other quartets drawn from those groups.


My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. We loved the barbershop groups and the women’s choir was truly professional, entertaining us with such a range of voices and their animation! It’s so good to see performers enjoying their presentation. The male choir took my breath away, especially in “Do You Hear the People Sing? "  The combination of comedy and serious songs throughout the program kept us completely involved over the whole time.  Jack and Vi

Rehearsing the finale
Coastal a Cappella relaxing.jpg
Kate rabbit ears.JPG

Top left: all 3 choral groups rehearsing the finale. Quite a squeeze on stage!  Some backstage shots and a final group photos of Hunter Women of Note (and friends) before going on stage.

2 conductors.jpg

Music Directors Sandy O'Neill for Hunter Women of Note and Linda Wareham for Coastal a Cappella. Right: Coastal a Cappella warming up. Below: the afterparty. What were we doing?  Singing together, of course!

Coastal warmup.jpg

Warners Bay Festival of Choirs 2019

2 on stage
Melissa and Kate
Margie mirror
On stage
Chorus members in concert, living the so
Sandy and Helen Blackbourn at Zonta's IW
Early days 2015.jpg
WON with Santa 2017.jpg
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