Hunter Women of Note Chorus

Hunter Women of Note (HWON) is a women’s a cappella chorus singing mainly in the barbershop style. 

For you, barbershop may conjure images of 4 men in striped jackets and boaters  Not so!  Australia has a lively community of barbershop choral groups right across the country.
Hunter Women of Note’s primary aim is to sing and perform at a high standard – and along the way, to develop great friendships.

The chorus provides vocal education, training and singing opportunities in a supportive environment and draws on the talents of local, national and international coaches.  We are an opportunity for women who love to sing to learn and perform and to develop both personally and musically!

You're welcome to join us!

How do you keep a ZOOM meeting interesting?  Theme it!  This was what our recent ABBA night looked like!

Due to the current Covid 19 restrictions, all rehearsals are being held remotely using ZOOM.  Contact us (below) to take part.

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